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The young girl's attention had been attracted to him for the last few moments; she had repeatedly turned her head towards him with uneasiness; she had even once come to a standstill, and taking advantage of a ray of light which escaped from a half-open bakery to survey him intently, from head to foot, then, having cast this glance, Gringoire had seen her make that little pout which he had already noticed, after which she passed on.
The Russians retreated eighty miles- to beyond Moscow- and the French reached Moscow and there came to a standstill.
Carthoris' improvement upon this consisted of an auxiliary device which steered the craft mechanically in the direction of the compass, and upon arrival directly over the point for which the compass was set, brought the craft to a standstill and lowered it, also automatically, to the ground.
The two men had come face to face upon the short turf, involuntarily each had come to a standstill.
Smoothly the huge engine came gliding into the station--a dumb, silent creature now, drawing slowly to a standstill as though exhausted after its great effort.
The car had come to a standstill before a white gate, in front of which was stationed a British soldier, with drawn bayonet.
She came to a standstill, and, swaying a little, stretched out her hand and steadied herself by grasping the back of a chair.
Nikita again sprang lightly out, throwing down the reins, and went ahead to see what had brought him to a standstill, but hardly had he made a step in front of the horse before his feet slipped and he went rolling down an incline.