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STAPLE, intern. law. The right of staple as exercised by a people upon foreign merchants, is defined to be, that they may not allow them to set their merchandises and wares to sale but in a certain place.
     2. This practice is not in use in the United States. 1 Chit. Com. Law, 103; 4 Inst. 238; Malone, Lex Mere. 237; Bac. Ab. Execution, B 1. Vide Statute Staple.

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Group B: The circular mechanical stapler (EEA(tm) 21 mm and 25 mm Single-Use Stapler, (Ethicon(r), Johnson and Johnson, Pakistan) of 21 and 25 mm in diameter was used to generate end-to-end intestinal anastomosis (Martel and Boushey, 2007).
The Microcutter Xchange 30, the world's first and only five-millimeter surgical stapler that articulates to 80 degrees, is a cartridge-based, minimally-invasive surgical stapling system.
PPH kit included 33mm haemrrhodoid circular stapler 9PPH03, Suture Threader (ST 100) Circular Anal Dilater (CAD33) Purse String Suture Anoscope (PSA33).
Detection equipment and good manufacturing practice which blocks the use of high risk items such as metal staplers can reduce the risks, but the incidents are is still too high.
The circular stapler is introduced into the body of the stomach through a 3 cm vertical incision in its anterior wall.
4) One institution's 25-year experience with the linear stapler reviewed 1,415 patients, of whom 98% were radiation failures.
Males generally have smaller pelvises than females, which makes navigating surgical staplers more difficult during colorectal surgery.
In my experience, the ECHELON 60 Stapler and the ENDOLOOP provide an effective alternative method of performing vaginal hysterectomy (VH) using instruments that have been used for laparoscopic surgeries.
These new and enhanced staplers are the direct fruit of expressed customer needs and our highly creative engineers, marketers and ergonomic experts, and will only further our already solid reputation as a reliable and sought-after brand," says Jeff Ackerberg, vice president of sales and marketing and new-product development.
Ringo Starr with two staplers each raising pounds 521.
The plaintiff alleged that the hospital through its employees breached the applicable standard of care by, inter alia, a) failing to properly load the GIA 80; b) by removing the instructions for the GIA 80, which set forth the minimum tissue thickness on which the stapler could be used.
Before the switch was made two men were needed where one now operates the multiple-head stapler.