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The results indicated while dark green vegetables had the highest nutrient density scores, after accounting for cost, starchy vegetables (including potatoes) and beans provided better nutritional value for the money.
The building pressure and rising heat causes the starchy endosperm to become soft and jelly like.
The crumble topping provides starchy carbohydrates for energy).
The senators asked Vilsack to explain the "reasoning for plans to limit starchy vegetables in the school lunch program and to completely restrict starchy vegetables in the school breakfast program.
What may seem like a thick and resistant pudding or starchy food to some may seem noticeably thin in the mouths of others.
People have an image of her as a starchy Victorian matron, but she was actually a startlingly modern woman, who wrote her famous book at the age of 23.
They keep you fuller for longer - the starchy carbohydrate in potatoes takes longer to digest, so their slow release energy is great for keeping hunger pangs at bay.
A healthy diet is based on breads, rice, potatoes and other starchy foods and is rich in fruit and vegetables.
The same was not true of starchy vegetables such as potato, yam and cassava.
Many people do not realise it is important to eat lots of starchy foods such as bread, rice, potatoes and pasta.
And his laid-back singing, stylish dancing, and genial personality warm up a show whose other characters can seem somewhat starchy.
When we first meet her, she has multiple lovers but cannot find her place in her family: her starchy father, her horsey stepmother and two half-sisters with whom she shares nothing.