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She wondered if she should ever see him, but she knew that if she did she should not like him, and he would not like her, and that she should only stand and stare at him and say nothing, though she should be wanting dreadfully to ask him why he had done such a queer thing.
Could not play with a child though there was one," I said brusquely; "has forgotten the way; could stand and stare only.
She has not an idea of the beauty of the charming things she is told, and stares wide-eyed, with heavenly eyes, while her mother talks of the heaven she has so lately come from, and is relieved and comforted by the interrupting bread and milk.
The word stares me in the face like a guilty confession, but it is true: I hate him - I hate him
Wherever he turns his eyes, horror presents itself; if he looks backward, unavailable repentance treads on his heels; if forward, incurable despair stares him in the face, till, like a condemned prisoner confined in a dungeon, he detests his present condition, and yet dreads the consequence of that hour which is to relieve him from it.
Prayers are over, and Tom still stares open- mouthed after the Doctor's retiring figure, when he feels a pull at his sleeve, and turning round, sees East.
Durdles, who still has that suspended something in his cheek, and who sees nothing to laugh at, stares at him until Mr.
She stares, trembles, and curtseys, whenever I speak to her.
He was trying to see, with that watchful manner of a seaman who stares into the wind's eye as if into the eye of an adversary, to penetrate the hidden intention and guess the aim and force of the thrust.
Joe re-entering the kitchen empty-handed, to stop short and stare, in her wondering lament of "Gracious goodness gracious me, what's gone - with the - pie
Trotter's rooms should stare so at me, this evening?
However, she held up and tried to stare back, but in a feeble kind of way.