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I'm blest if I know," says Jo, staring more than ever; "but I shouldn't think it warn't.
Very little life was to be seen on either bank, windows and doors were shut, and the staring black and white letters upon wharves and warehouses 'looked,' said Eugene to Mortimer, 'like inscriptions over the graves of dead businesses.
The inspector had stopped suddenly, and was staring with a look of absolute amazement at a paper upon the table.
Letitia was slowly sipping her drink In a darkened corner of the hall, She was staring at a tall, slim man Dressed from head to toe in black.
Everyone from Kate Middleton to Carmen Electra have been snapped in American pin-up design Stop Staring.
Practitioners are also encouraged to have staring contests with fellow optical staff using competition wall charts which the company has sent to practices, with the opportunity to win a 300 [pounds sterling] shopping voucher.
19 ( ANI ): Kate Upton has revealed that she was nervous while filming the bikini scene in the movie 'The Other Woman' as a bunch of people were staring at her.
Highlights NOT making it onto the website include me staring transfixed at what honestly looked like a couple of burrowing animals under a shirt and me asking Paul repeatedly if he wanted to have a go.
The Sense of Being Stared At And Other Unexplained Powers of Human Minds belongs in new age, science and spirituality collections alike, and provides an updated edition sharing the author's 25+ years of research into telepathy, the power of staring, remote viewing and precognition.
Assuming that remote staring detection is producing brain activity as the information is processed, does this processing follow similar systems to those that have already been identified in cognitive neuroscience; for example, the processing of faces and/or the gaze of others?
IT is a sign of my qualities as a human being - or more accurately, my lack of them - that one of the fondest memories of my childhood is a kid I knew walking into a lamppost while I had a staring match with him.
I'm writing all this because I think you should not leave the university because of some mannerless dolts staring you down and I wanted to get my message to you.