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Several researchers have associated belief in remote staring detection with belief in the evil-eye (Cottrell, Winer, & Smith, 1996; Sheldrake, 1994, 2000; Staats, Ross, Irmscher, & Rada, 2002; Thalbourne & Evans, 1992), due to both beliefs relating to an eye-based paranormal influence, but no direct comparisons have been made between these beliefs.
SHORTS SHRIFT Hamassa in two-piece candy suit by Stop Staring
The Sports Illustrated model told Alan Carr on Chatty Man that when she was shooting that bikini scene, she felt a little uncomfortable because a bunch of people were staring at her, even though she was very proud her body and she loved her body, E
The Study: Many children with autism have staring spells that may resemble symptoms of epilepsy.
I'm not surprised since it's pushing the friend envelope maybe a tad too far, plus there's also the chance that you can upset someone with the wrong word or stare, maybe even staring too much, or worse, not staring at all
Once he knew I was just staring because I hadn't seen a dog wheelchair before, he was happy to answer my questions and talk to me about his wheels.
IT is a sign of my qualities as a human being - or more accurately, my lack of them - that one of the fondest memories of my childhood is a kid I knew walking into a lamppost while I had a staring match with him.
I'm writing all this because I think you should not leave the university because of some mannerless dolts staring you down and I wanted to get my message to you.
STARING at busty women can lengthen your life, scientists have proved.
But, four months into the ban and days after receiving a police warning, he was spotted staring at kids in a supermarket.
EDWARDS, Luke The Staring Owl Omnibus, 2010 unpaged $22.
Phil Brown said: "At 2-0 down you are not staring into the abyss you are staring at ways and means of getting back into the game.