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The Italians were staring down the barrel when they trailed 2-0 at home to Bayern Munich on matchday five.
Summary: A Russian mining magnate is staring down the barrel of the most expensive divorce in history.
Playing at the ARC in Stockton on Thursday, The Blockheads (pictured above) remain one of the hardest working groups to have emerged from the 1970s and are still going strong with a fantastically well received new album Staring Down The Barrel proving there is life after Ian Dury.
Ex-EastEnder Gemma kicked off by staring down her Emmerdale rival.
It would be attractive to some if the trap door was not there, especially if you are staring down it, but I'd say 'not on my watch guv'nor'," he said.
The black Caps, trailing 1-0 following their first-ever defeat to the bangladeshis on Thursday, were staring down the barrel of another shock loss when they were reduced to 115 for seven.
At half-time we were staring down the barrel of a gun," said Noble.
We're staring down the barrel now, but we've got nine big games left and we have to give it a good go.
In the end, though, it was Rodriguez who did the staring down - at Johnson on the ring floor.
He's also been lauded for staring down the aggressive advances last spring from New York hedge fund Paulson & Co.
Typically, fans might be thankful for being entertained, but are staring down yet another losing season.
Another material that steel is staring down under the hood is powdered metal, which, Anderson admits, has the larger proportion of connecting rod applications under the hoods of cars built in the U.