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Now they have gone and Maria and I once more have the option of wandering ground a house, that does not seem empty or at all too big, stark naked if we want to.
The suspect fell asleep soon after raping the woman who then took advantage and sneaked to alert other neighbours who managed to apprehend him after he fled from the bedroom hut while stark naked," he said.
I ran into the garden and he just disappeared over the fence with the dog following me, stark naked.
We've all heard of flexible working, but video-conferencing while stark naked may be taking it a bit too far.
As the wine flows, the clothes come off and soon everybody is stark naked.
Mark's Church stark naked, never hurrying, one at a time and stood facing the audience behind hanging neon tubes that obscured their faces.
A bit later, Octavian is spying on her as she bathes, but rather than admonishing him, she bids him come in to talk to her and casually rises stark naked from the bath -- not provocatively but because nudity wasn't an issue.
I think most of Coventry has seen me stark naked now," he said.
Wal-Mart banned the book from its stores because of a two-page "activity" called "Dress the Supreme Court," which portrays the current justices as stark naked, across from a page of cut-out robes.
Mr Kelly said, 'He was left there stark naked and terrified.
Her 1998 Guggenheim performance consisted of a phalanx of achingly skinny models clad only in Gucci bikinis and very high heels; one model was stark naked.
A GEORGIA man was arrested for driving his car stark naked in Florida.