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Not being a decorator, it is the beauty and starkness of form that moves her work, harking back to Scandinavian design, an influence from her teacher and mentor, Kim Sacks.
Cheery light blue striped wallpaper offsets the starkness of the white and multi-level balconies add a multi-layered dimension.
Speaking of the abandoned places in the innercity, Kownacki writes, "As in all deserts, there is a starkness that attracts and appeals.
In the quiet moments before sleep, memories return of the starkness of the prison camp near the Baltic Sea, forced marches across Europe and the threats from enemy guards.
With a voice reminiscent of Chan Marshall, her haunting ethereality was bewitching in all its starkness and simplicity.
Without hysteria, without preaching, Katerina's unadorned parabolic starkness reminds a twenty-first century world, itself growing distant from the calamity of the Holocaust, of the deep outrage it still inflicts.
MacIntyre challenges what he sees as an exaggeration by McDowell of the starkness of the animal-human divide.
If not true to facts & the character appears in it gracefully draped, the untruth & the drapery reveal the starkness stalking beneath.
Meanwhile, down the M62 in Manchester, Doves, I am Kloot and Alfie have picked up on a stark, atmospheric sound which incorporates some of the starkness of Joy Division with an often acoustic, minor key element.
Yet after the starkness and inanimation of the exterior, this super saturated sensory overload is at times overwhelming.
Such moments of singular starkness occur often in Avery.
And should this be too subtle an exercise, Harris concludes his litany of Enlightenment-era objections to medieval models of piety with this rhetorical wallop: "All pretensions to theological knowledge should now be seen from the perspective of a man just beginning his day on the one hundredth floor of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, only to find his meandering thoughts--of family and friends, of errands run and unrun, of coffee in need of sweetener--inexplicably interrupted by a choice of terrible starkness and simplicity: between being burned alive by jet fuel or leaping one thousand feet to the concrete below.