start afresh

See: resume
References in classic literature ?
She's willing to forget everything that's happened and start afresh.
In order that we may start afresh and go to Meg's wedding with free minds, it will be well to begin with a little gossip about the Marches.
We had two thousand pounds apiece--surely enough to start afresh as honest men--and all through me!
It'll benefit me to start afresh and frees up room in the squad for Johnny McDonnell.
I feel like there's been too much mutual rejection and resentment for them to be able to start afresh.
In a recent interview with Israeli television, Deputy Prime Minister BE-lent Arync said it would be a positive thing for Israel to pick Turkey as a partner, if it wants to start afresh with Turkey.
Far better to get rid of them now and start afresh next year than leave them to get thoroughly rotten and waterlogged over winter.
Admitting that it was difficult to get back to the national team each time and start afresh, this time around, Malik said it is quite difficult to get back each time and start afresh.
When asked if defending the title at a familiar course will be an easy task for him, the Bangalore- based pro politely played down the expectations factor and said that he would start afresh in the season- opener event.
Psychologically, the new year gives us a clean sheet, we feel encouraged to start afresh and to make positive changes.
London, Aug 16 ( ANI ): Premier League Champions Manchester United are convinced they would not let striker Wayne Rooney leave despite his desire to leave Old Trafford to start afresh at Stamford Bridge.
25 FILM: MERMAIDS (1990) An eccentric woman and her religious teenage daughter both find romance as they start afresh in a new town.