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Start Something Social is a project held in conjunction with UnLtd, an organisation which encourages young people to use their entrepreneurial skills to come up with business ideas which would benefit the community, referred to as "social enterprise".
It's a common trait to use January as a time to start something new in life and career choice is no different; we have always found that new candidates have more drive and motivation in January and our courses tend to be fully booked.
Whether it was brand new material or favourites like Last Summer, Rooftops and Start Something, the band thrashed to perfection.
I want to start fresh, start something new, you know?
It is a case of once you start something like this, the possibilities are endless.
John said: "Peter and I hope to start something up again.
looks like a day to start something or keep starting something
In a way it's easier to start something than to take over an institution that has been established for many years.
I saw a need in the community, and it only takes one person to start something to help so I thought I'd he that person," Bryanna says.
We needed quickly to start something, otherwise in a month or two we would probably be on the street.
He said: ``I didn't start something six months ago just to leave halfway through.
Straight Talk: "We don't want to reinvent the wheel every time we start something.