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Monmore start the ball rolling on Saturday with races scheduled over 416m, 480m, 480m pups and 684m.
I'll start the ball rolling with Beautiful Sundae, Tutti Frutti, Flake, Rattle & Roll and The Scoop Scoop Song.
And one of the first things he will do is start the ball rolling again to try and tempt Celtic to part with 22-year-old McGeady.
After the disappointing first period, it took just a few minutes for County to start the ball rolling after half-time when Craig Hughes supplied a slide-rule pass which Tyrone Toppar finished in style.
I watched it slowly grow and six months before I turned 18 I could really start the ball rolling.
There is a bitter truth for those of us who still believe this goal was achievable, who applauded Bush's effort to start the ball rolling by removing the most savage of savage despots, who hoped the president was on the road to ridding his country of its burdensome friendships with Middle Eastern dictators.