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1986) the startle reflex is subject to habituation.
This response to a visual startle reflex caused by a photographic flash was recorded repeatedly on camera and the synchronized shutter speed made it possible to measure the reflex time.
The startle reflex is a normal reticular and cortical reflex elicited in newborns and infants, consisting of facial grimacing, blinking and some involuntary movements to a sudden stimulus.
Overall, she is much more comfortable and her startle reflex has decreased greatly.
Romantics tend to gloss over the startle reflex with phrases such as ``My heart lept with joy'' - but actually it's more complicated than that.
Unfortunately, the startle reflex of jumping straight up means the death of many a 'dillo on our highways.
Here, I would like to report the startle reflex time in skipper butterflies, which is among the fastest recorded for the animal kingdom and which is at least twice as fast as startle eye-blink reflex of humans.
It also reduces the incidence of the startle reflex, helping babies to sleep longer.
Marijuana also has been linked to transient irritability; tremors, and an exaggerated startle reflex in neonates.