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The most startling things that she may say or do are all attributable to this cause, and may all be explained in this way.
As Lawrence gets merry with his mates on his stag do, Andy makes a startling proposition to Bernice.
Running Shoes Guru has discovered startling trends by conducting an in-depth analysis of 30 years of New York Marathon results, providing dramatic insight into the forces shaping the world's largest marathon
STARTLING Public Health England called the figures "deeply concerning" and said pupils were at increased risk of type 2 diabetes and other serious health issues.
This clever pollination mechanism results in a flower that looks startling and exciting.
Essays by Hubertus Butin and others compliment many eye-opening, startling works and provide historical and artistic precedent for Warhol's approach and perspective.
QUETTA -- There has been a startling disclosure about the Utility Stores' (USC) stocks being illegally 'slipped' to Afghanistan, prompting action against guilty officials and personal.
Summary: Muscat: The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) has revealed some startling facts in .
Summary: Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen has continued her startling rise to glory by taking a second gold at London 2012.
Her publicist Liz Rosenberg held paparazzi responsible for startling the singer's horse by taking surprise photographs.
The celeb wore a startling pink outfit and new swept-over hairstyle as she left Scotts in London's posh Mayfair with actress Kate Beckinsale, 35,
Adolph said he unearthed some startling facts while researching Connery's ancestry through his mother for his new book, Tracing Your Scottish Family History.