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Khalida Riyasat came on television in the late '70s and in a short period made a massive impact on audiences with startlingly good performances in various plays.
1986: Mexican Wave MEXICAN WAVE - first made its international appearance at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and has become a startlingly visual comment on how quickly fans become bored at a variety of sporting events.
Mr Barton said: "The extension is startlingly modern, but Cadw and the conservation officers loved it from the beginning.
Poet and novelist Sou MacMillan , who once fronted the Ohio-based punk band Pet UFO and the Worcester-based folk act Daily Mouse, is a startlingly inventive writer, one whose poetry defies narrative conventions.
While the text does not shed any startlingly new light on the story it does flesh it out to a wider extent than hitherto.
We may have matured quite unevenly: overgrown and overcompensating here, startlingly beautiful there, and barren in some hidden center that no one else may see.
And one thing that becomes startlingly apparent in a surprisingly short time is how awkward and uncoordinated American vehicles can be under even the most benign circumstances.
Spiky nosegays of lighting fixtures sprouted from the floor, creating a futuristic garden where barefooted Parker Lutz, in a beige unitard with puffy sleeves, performed brief balletic variations to music by Mike Iveson, Bert Janusch, and, most startlingly, given Michelson's experimental pedigree, Leo Delibes (large chunks of the score for Sylvia).
Twenty-one-year-old Haitian-Canadian songwriter and guitarist Laveaux shows startlingly impressive musical range and depth on her debut recording.
The raw material for a new pavilion in America, designed by Japanese architects SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa), was made in Germany, fabricated into large panels in China and assembled on site to enfold a startlingly transparent, billowing curtain around new spaces alongside Toledo's neo-classical Museum of Art in Ohio, p66.
The quality of the North East's current built environment is a little bit mixed, with some startlingly good examples as well as a rather large amount of mundane architecture," he said.
His predictions and observations were startlingly accurate and his intelligence-gathering results included pinpointing the underground facility used to store Soviet missiles during the Cold War.