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It is rather a curious affair - too long perhaps to state fully just now.
The Tunisian State fully assumes its responsibility towards all Tunisians and is continuing its efforts in co-ordination with Libyan sides to find the best legal and practical formulas to solve the Tunisian children's issue and guarantee their treatment in strict compliance with human rights.
If the state fully embraced the digital age, one third -- if not more -- of its employees would be redundant, but as they could not be fired, successive government never pursued e-government with any urgency.
The Golden State fully embraced the Affordable Care Act by expanding Medicaid coverage for the poor and creating its own health insurance exchange for about 1.
Buluang said their force commanders in Unity state fully support Machar.
ICI told California's treasurer recently that the state should hold off on the plan until the state fully captured "all of the program's administrative costs -- which will fall either on participants or on California taxpayers.
Scoreboard Electronics: 100% Solid State Fully Enclosed.
While the Lebanese state fully recognizes civil unions completed outside Lebanon, those done within Lebanon are problematic.
Ismet Ramadani, on the other hand, says the state fully resolving the problem with the industrial polluters could serve as a good example citizens would gladly follow.
NNA - The families of the military hostages on Friday pledged "unexpected" moves and held the Lebanese state fully responsible incase terrorists decide to kill another hostage.
He doesn't advocate the removal of religion from society, but rather he supports the separation of church and state fully.
The state fully provides support to religious organizations and their events," noted the Committee.

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