state of affairs

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The Egyptian leader later heads to the UAE where he is also to hold talks with President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nuhayyan on bilateral relations and regional and international state of affairs.
I am sure everyone concerned in this sorry state of affairs would welcome Mr McGinnity's valuable time and effort.
While in the eurozone we see the prospects of zero growth or even a recession, here we witnessing growth, significant growth, of course the growth rate is going down, but nevertheless it is growth and on the whole this state of affairs makes the leaders of the economies represented here, optimistic.
Charbel promised to work on bettering the state of affairs in jails.
Whereas affirmative judgments typically designate some positive state of affairs, negative judgments can be regarded as denying that designation or affirming the opposite state of affairs.
The columnist concluded by stating that the state of affairs between Palestinians was "illogical," adding that the sooner the two main factions came to an agreement the better the future would be for "the people of Palestine.
But the state of affairs is such that unemployment has struck the federal prison system.
Our inability to imagine a state of affairs associated with '17 is green' is, on this account, to be expected and not a mark of meaninglessness.
The current sorry state of affairs in Italy perhaps best illustrates how the line of distinction between large emerging market economies and developed market economies is becoming increasingly blurred.
I'm retired, and I have the time now to read more, but after a while the state of affairs gets me down.
But while the excerpted text lends a veneer of social awareness to the video, Bellona is more than a coincidental commentary on the current state of affairs.