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The Duterte administration's inclusive growth agenda can't happen with the government under a state of inertia.
But as the story arc unfolds, Romero, in a state of inertia, is drawn into a gradual conversion experience, not just in a general sense, but in the specific trajectory of a "conversion to justice.
The truth of the matter is there is not an awful lot to separate them, and as a result we have a state of inertia at the centre of Irish politics.
It's a shame that conflict has to intrude, for a director whose greatest talent lies in showing closed ecosystems in a state of inertia and pleasant lethargy.
The American attempt at the outset soon after the domestic annihilation of the separatist/terrorist Tamil Tiger was to "push the government from its current state of inertia.
Will this state of inertia -- real estate was one of the worst hit from a weakening Indian economy -- change?
Carson Yeung (football) THE uncertainty surrounding the Birmingham City owner's legal status in Hong Kong, where he has pleaded not guilty to five counts of money laundering, has left the Championship club in a state of inertia.
It seems to me that most people live in a state of inertia and pursue only the most prescribed avenues.
She was open to exploring the negative cognitions that kept her in a state of inertia, putting her at risk of greater harm.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Since Turkey and Russia have further parted ways due to their different interests in the Middle East -- stemming from problems in the region that have boiled over in places like Syria and Egypt -- the relations between the two important economic partners are now in a state of inertia, analysts say.
WHILE the National Disaster Management Authority ( NDMA) is in a state of inertia, state disaster management authorities ( SDMAs) are virtually non- functional.
North block remains headless for more than a month (actually it slipped into state of inertia ever since Pranab Mukherjee was picked in early June to run for President's office) at a time when the India economy is going from bad to worse amid a precipitating global crisis