state of inertia

See: deadlock
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IF ONE player epitomises the current state of inertia at Manchester United, it is Bastian Schweinsteiger.
Will this state of inertia -- real estate was one of the worst hit from a weakening Indian economy -- change?
Carson Yeung (football) THE uncertainty surrounding the Birmingham City owner's legal status in Hong Kong, where he has pleaded not guilty to five counts of money laundering, has left the Championship club in a state of inertia.
It seems to me that most people live in a state of inertia and pursue only the most prescribed avenues.
She was open to exploring the negative cognitions that kept her in a state of inertia, putting her at risk of greater harm.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Since Turkey and Russia have further parted ways due to their different interests in the Middle East -- stemming from problems in the region that have boiled over in places like Syria and Egypt -- the relations between the two important economic partners are now in a state of inertia, analysts say.
WHILE the National Disaster Management Authority ( NDMA) is in a state of inertia, state disaster management authorities ( SDMAs) are virtually non- functional.
and upon uttering the final syllable he fell to the floor in a state of inertia.
Uruguay's Frente Amplio (FA) has entered a state of inertia.
This eventless temporality was an invention of Stalin, whose policy of "revolution in one country" closed the borders in the late '20s and put the Bolshevik project on hold, turning a moment of revolutionary transition into a perpetual state of inertia.
Needless to say, Morocco's adversaries are doing all they can to maintain the current state of inertia, obduracy and division, rather than promote dialogue and concord," the Sovereign stressed.
Outdated science curriculums in the schools and universities of Kurdistan Region-with some material originating as far back as 1970-fail to stoke intellectual fires in students, imprisoning scientific inquiry in a state of inertia.