state of terror

See: panic
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He was in a pitiable state of terror, and he implored my protection.
Taking advantage of the tribal war, the Mahars had gathered their Sagoths in force and fallen upon one tribe after another in rapid succession, wreaking awful havoc among them and reducing them for the most part to as pitiable a state of terror as that from which we had raised them.
It did not try to get away, but crouched down, quivering and cowering, and was in such a pitiable state of terror that I tried, though without effect, to comfort it.
Besides this, Israel is a state of terror," Erdogan told leaders from the OIC gathered for an emergency meeting in Istanbul.
It is up to its leaders to decide whether it is a state of terror or peace," he added.
Jonathan was last seen screaming in terror in the hospital, after being injected by his father's experiment and being subjected to a constant state of terror.
The Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil Telegram channel appears to be the work of an ISIL social media activist rather than reflecting any bricks-and-mortar initiative," said Berger, a co-author of "ISIL: State of Terror.
Ali Uy-ur Bulut, Istanbul Branch Chairman of Anatolian Youth Foundation held an explanation in the name of the group and stated that the Israel, the state of terror, is continuing systematical provocation and attacks against Muslims.
He added that "Daash terrorists also executed on Tuesday evening 8 of the employees of the security forces of the army and local police in Essa village, in Sharqat district, in front of their loved ones, and the terrorist organization prevented people from get close to the bodies or transport them or set up a funeral for them, which cause a state of terror and fear in the hearts of the people of the village.
ISIS: The State of Terror provides a close inspection of the kinds of tactics ISIS uses to frighten citizens and lure new soldiers, and provides an assessment of these methods and approaches governments might use to respond to them.
Local sources reported that a group of settlers attacked the houses, threw stones at it, and used racist phrases like "death to Arabs" which caused a state of terror between the citizens, especially the children.
You can't have a perpetual state of terror, so you either destroy them or you talk, but you can't talk if they have a gun at hostages' heads - and if you negotiate from a point of weakness then whatever you concede to will just never be enough.

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