state positively

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Though a majority of respondents aged 18-34 have a positive view of Israel, that number is lower than for all other age groups: 58% of millennials view the Jewish state positively, compared to 76% of those 65 or older.
The two heads of state positively assessed the resumption of work by the Contact Group, as well as the work of the recently deployed OSCE observer mission at the Donetsk and Gukovo checkpoints on the Russian-Ukrainian border.
Dietary carbohydrate restriction induces a unique metabolic state positively affecting atherogenic dyslipidemia, fatty acid partitioning, and metabolic syndrome.
Touring the regions across the state positively influenced by the five campuses in our system last week.
But until then, I can state positively that talk of a mansion tax on properties worth more than pounds 2m does not affect me.
Of course, there are foods and substances to avoid, which can affect the mental state positively or negatively.
The Shadow Minister said that he could state positively and without equivocation that the Conservative Party would keep a concessionary fare scheme in place for pensioners, with no mention of the word 'free'.

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