state precisely

See: specify
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It is not easy to state precisely wherein the difference between these two sorts of knowledge consists, but it is easy to feel the difference.
This same principle applies to politics -- Egyptians have failed to develop a genuinely democratic and modern state precisely because of this attitude.
It is this: the European Union is a good state precisely because it is an unpopular state.
a trembling Pistorius said when asked to state precisely what he screamed at the perceived intruder.
SDSM demands that in the shortest possible period of time of one week or ten days the government should state precisely how much it owes public companies based on unsettled VAT refunds and based on used but unpaid for products and services.
The limited information available provides an uncertain basis from which to state precisely how many animals may be living in the wild.
Social work professionals have to state precisely what families must demonstrate in order to parent children without state involvement.
According to their definition, a failed state precisely is, but not limited to the following: 1.
It is a fact that many people of faith believe in and support the secular state precisely because it protects all of us -- religious or otherwise -- and celebrates our unique place in the community.
Rather, Acheson stressed that NATO was not geared toward resisting the Russian state precisely because "it is aimed solely at armed aggression.
The Knights' brief, filed by the Washington-based Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, states that the 9th Circuit's decision "threatens not only one patriotic rite and one particular federal statute" but "challenges the American principle that fundamental rights are inalienable by the State precisely because they exist prior to the State.

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