stated authoritatively

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Say 'Miss Smith,'" the librarian stated authoritatively.
In what serves as the binding majority judgment in the earlier case, three judges (LeBel, Fish and Abella) had stated authoritatively in Kang-Brown (para.
CAPTION cap ROB LEE, once an elegant creator for Newcastle United and England, has stated authoritatively his old employers MUST finish in the top 10 of the Premier League come the end of hostilities.
Ever since the September 11 commission stated authoritatively what everyone knew already, namely that there is no evidence that Al Qaeda was in business with Saddam Hussein, a debate of a most peculiar character has unfolded.
Apart from what is stated authoritatively in the Timaeus Commentary, much of the information regarding Proclus' scientific views--his views on the world constituted below the level of Soul--must be extracted from writers like Simplicius and Philoponus.