statement of defense

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KUWAIT, Sept 1 (KUNA) -- The Criminal Court's trial (eighth session) on Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque explosion resumed on Tuesday, chaired by Judge Mohammad Al-Duaij, to hear the final statement of defense attorneys before the judicial panel.
This contract relate to consulting, assistance and legal representation of the Territorial Authority of Corsica, as described below: Consulting benefits: oral advice, written advice in the form of reasoned rating, writing draft acts legal (letters, contracts), participation in meetings with assistance services and legal representation: development strategy notes, drafting requests and / or statement of defense, support for the treatment of prior applications, negotiations and drafting settlement agreements, representation before the courts, attending meetings Scope of services: These services cover all the skills traditionally assigned to the Regions but also in view of the special status of Corsica, the powers transferred by the Laws of 1991 and 2002 .
Except for this, permanent supervision of international representatives over the legal system in Macedonia is demanded, as well as a public statement of Defense Minister whether he justifies the life-imprisonment sentences for the six Albanians.
BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- Armenian media with reference to the statement of Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian claim that allegedly Azerbaijani Armed Forces carry out diversions, with the help of criminals, familliar with the territory, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.
It was said in the appeal that court although was authorized to record statement of defense witness but presentation of any official document by defense witness in defence of the Prime Minister would be negation of oath taken by the PM.
The statement of Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn was interpreted politically," he told a news conference Friday.
By Court Order of 12 November 2010 the Court has pronounced in a provisional judgment that it is competent to take cognizance of the request in the parties' joint petition and furthermore decided that interested parties may present their arguments in a statement of defense or at the oral hearing of the petition, if they so desire.
In a statement of defense filed June 17, Ottawa alleged that TKS Holdings Inc.
Dumont has filed a statement of defense in which he claims that no contract for employment or for services existed between him and the plaintiff.
You will be hearing more about this code in weeks to come as we ask our member companies to endorse this Statement Of Defense Industry Ethics.
OTCBB: FNDE) has filed a lawsuit against FutureLink Distribution Corp and all of its subsidiaries, for $130M US in the form of a statement of defense and counterclaim.

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