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i--number of grades of freedom, n--number of members, [SIGMA]k--sum of all contact points in the ball model of structure (the pairs are after treatment statically determinate),
Two foreign, tank-fired High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) threats were killed at speed, in addition to one fragmentation round and three HEAT rounds defeated statically.
The PERC ROMizer(TM) tool offers a customized PERC executable with statically linked and AOT-compiled libraries for XML parsing and other core functions used by the QNX Momentics IDE.
All Carrefour City stores are statically positioned in local neighbourhoods and easily accessible to their respective communities.
Sonics has upgraded the SonicsStudio development environment with calculations that statically predict the performance capacities of the SoC architect's chosen network configuration.
The performance includes the upgrade of the inventory lighting to LED retrofit, installation of surge arresters, renovation Emergency lighting Central, cable identification and dismantling of old cables, refurbishment and reinstallation of bottom tanks, laying one statically loadable floor trunking system with special designs of Kabelzugdosen, construction of a light blanket with mechanical lifting device of the individual modules (1 , 3 mx 1.
Its ability to statically control video eliminates the dead-space that frequents many trail camera video modes.
Among the topics are the geometry of areas, determining constraint reactions, internal beam reactions, analysis of strain and stress, beams and plates in flexure, and methods of forces in statically indeterminate beam systems.
This means that these pipe liners can bear loads statically even without the old pipe, therefore each can be described as a "stand alone pipe".
According to Table 2, It has been found statically meaning full differences amongst assertiveness levels according to gender variables of the sportsmen doing orienteering sport.
As I have stated before, it's important to warm up with movement rather than stretching statically.