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Data is not collected directly from statistical units in the EU and EFTA Member States by Eurostat.
7) Provision of integrated statistical figures and indices on the national level.
The level of use of statistical methods was analyzed, as well as who is preparing the analyses--managers themselves, or some other employees.
These articles all involved mention of statistical analysis.
Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences (2nd ed.
Further guidance on applying statistical sampling is found in Rev.
CPAs can find further guidance on applying statistical sampling in revenue procedure 2004-29's appendices, which provide standards for uniform statistical studies.
When an estimate is made using a statistical sample, the estimated value would be expected to be different if a different sample selection was taken from the same population using exactly the same type of sample design and the same sample size.
References [1] and [2] do not discuss statistical interpretations of the pairs [[x.
Several dioceses did not send in their statistical returns on time.
Supreme Court recently upheld the use of these statistical methods for most purposes - such as the distribution of federal funds and the drawing of congressional districts within a state - although it held that a 1976 law did not allow the use of sampling for ``apportionment'' of congressional seats among the states.
Preliminary results of their compilation and analysis of many clinical-judgment studies indicate that statistical models perform no better than flesh-and-blood clinicians on judgments common within the mental health field.

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