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Users may also view the data in charts and download tailor-made statistical tables and charts for further processing and analyses.
Black-and-white photographs and statistical tables offer extra insight into the text, which provides a brief overview of Scandinavian religious customs, festivals, place names, humor, and other contributions to Michigan culture.
The error-resolved data are used to create statistical tables that are published annually with descriptive text and technical notes.
The publication includes extensive statistical tables that are accompanied by definitions, sources, and explanations of symbols.
Nevertheless, Tebeau takes great pains to demonstrate that between the 1870s and the 1940s firefighting became a profession: he deploys statistical tables (showing that firefighting careers became "longer over time" and that "firefighters' separation from the fire service" increasingly became voluntary) to demonstrate that by the twentieth century firefighting was a distinct occupation with its own culture, routines, and procedures.
Two fine new additions to the eye-catching 'Country File' series from Smart Apple Media are anything but ordinary geography titles: the covers of even the most common-sounding countries invite interest, books highlight internet sites where more country facts can be located, and fine photos, maps, graphs and statistical tables abound in the 30-page coverages.
The proposal defines a set of statistical tables on passenger and freight transport operations and on rail accidents.
The document is a 180-page report, with 72 statistical tables and will provide the reader with a detailed account of 27 emerging categories; an assessment of the main consumer and societal factors driving development within these emerging concepts, and easy-reference summaries for rapid insight into each concept.
In addition to the narrative summaries of each of the incidents in which an officer died a felonious death in 2002, this publication provides several statistical tables regarding the time and circumstances surrounding the felonious killings, accidental deaths, and felonious assaults of the nation's law enforcement officers.
The amendment aims to introduce a simplified procedure for the modification of annexes A and B of the Convention, concerning guidelines for keeping and care of animals and statistical tables.

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