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He said: "In late 2004, the Taoiseach outlined an ambitious project to repeal all the legislation which remains on the statute book which was enacted prior to Irish independence in 1922.
Assurances have been made by Ministers and by the Prime Minister himself that the issue will be resolved during this Parliament, but we will not rest easy until legislation to outlaw hunting finally reaches the statute books.
All of the nations of the world have had the death penalty on the lawbooks throughout most of their recorded history, and the death penalty remains on the statute books of about half of the nations of the world.
However, whether or not businesses agree with the proposed sanctions it is almost certain that they will find their way on to the statute books.
He ended his investigation with 1951, the year when the Fraudulent Mediums Act finally eliminated the concept of witchcraft from the statute books.
Rape is the second most serious crime on the statute books and Mr Cullen reducing it to the level of media intrusion is hugely insulting.
Mrs Morgan's Bill, which has widespread political support, only has a narrow window to make it onto the statute books before a general election is held.
The Lords are there to scrutinise new legislation and to prevent any Government from steamrollering laws on to our statute books.
Like all EU legislation it has hit our statute books without our elected representatives (MPs) raising any objections on your behalf.
It has been a controversial Bill, igniting passions on both sides of the debate during its course on to the statute books.
Many Acts still on our statute books are daft and completely racist towards the Irish.
But attempts to get the Bill through Parliament and on to the statute books rest on the timing of next year's general election, which many pundits believe will be in May.