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An examination of the Statutory Rape Vertical Prosecution (SRVP) Program Guidelines in place in California in 1997 and in 2001 provides a striking example of the modern tendency to pay lip service to gender neutrality in statutory rape law while leaving the historically girl-focused victim structure and application of the laws in place.
definition of statutory rape differs across three dimensions.
According to the opinion, Georgia law eliminates "any discretion over whether to punish conduct meeting the misdemeanor statutory rape criteria as either felony or misdemeanor statutory rape.
Part IV examines some of the analytical difficulties presented by stricter statutory rape laws and their aggressive enforcement.
If found guilty of statutory rape, or "Statutory Sexual Seduction" per Nevada Revised Statutes, prison time, fines, and being identified as a sex offender for life are all possible.
The offense of statutory rape, in which no force is used but the female victim is under the age of consent, is included in the arrest total for the sex offenses category.
Melbourne, November 4 (ANI): The woman who claimed that Justin Beiber is the father of her child could herself be charged with statutory rape.
How can you equate an 18-year-old male having loving consensual sex with his underage girlfriend, which is statutory rape, with the violation of a woman by a stranger who has entered her home at dead of night and holds a knife to her throat.
In the current study, we challenge the focus on age found in current statutory rape legislation and suggest that educational context may be more important than age asymmetry in predicting adolescent female sexual activity--specifically, that young women dating older males who are still in secondary school are at less risk of sexual intercourse than female teenagers dating males who do not attend school, regardless of the males' ages.
In short, Internet-related sex crimes are overwhelmingly cases of statutory rape rather than child molestation.

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