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And had he not "served his time" in the famous copper-ore trade out of the Bristol Channel, the work of the staunchest ships afloat, and the school of staunch seamen?
He ran up to him, bestrode him, and covered him with his shield; then two of his staunch comrades, Mecisteus son of Echius, and Alastor, stooped down, and bore him away groaning heavily to the ships.
When I am a wife, I mean to be just as staunch myself; and I wish my friends in general would be so too.
You see, then, that I gained four upon him; and yet Porthos is a staunch horseman, and he has left on the road eight dead horses, whose bodies I came to successively.
The addition of three such staunch recruits was extremely acceptable at this dangerous part of the river.
The division of the upper clerks of staunch firms, or of the "steady old fellows," it was not possible to mistake.
That would depend upon whether the germs of staunch comradeship underlay the temporary emotion, or whether it were a sensuous joy in her form only, with no substratum of everlastingness.
The Moors held the place twelve hundred years ago, and a staunch old castle of theirs of that date still frowns from the middle of the town, with moss-grown battlements and sides well scarred by shots fired in battles and sieges that are forgotten now.
cried the Tinker hastily, and in a deep voice like an angry bull, "thou didst see me come into thine inn, I, a staunch, honest craftsman, and never told me who my company was, well knowing thine own self who he was.
Pompey is the pride of the local draghounds--no very great flier, as his build will show, but a staunch hound on a scent.
They could now feel the sharp shock of the explosions of the green warriors vomited their hail of death and destruction at the sides of the staunch Thuria.
As we had arms at the prospector and also books on boat-building we thought that it might prove an ex-cellent idea to start these naturally maritime people upon the construction of a well built navy of staunch sailing-vessels.