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Although she maybe a devout Catholic and he is a staunch Protestant, they share similar religious beliefs about prayer and family values and their opposition to abortion.
Notwithstanding her record as a CFR member, neo-conservative, and perjurer, she is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.
March's narrative reveals the horrors of battle, the rudimentary medical services available to soldiers at the front, the use and abuse of "contraband" slaves taken by the Union Army, the blurring of even staunch moral and religious values in the face of death on the battlefront, and the isolation of the soldiers from their distant loved ones.
I still lived with my parents, who were staunch Southerners living on Long Island.
Author, Shawn Thornton freely admits that he was raised a staunch Roman Catholic.
He was a staunch opponent of the theory of evolution and among the last of reputable scientists who rejected it after the publication of The Origin of Species, even though his 1851 Essay provided Darwin and others with evidence to support natural selection.
Rabalais showed him her data; today, he's a staunch ally.
Former Coronor Larry Campbell a staunch advocate of the clinic was elected mayor along with a supportive council.
An outspoken Midland MP, who became one of Margaret Thatcher's most staunch supporters and referred to as the John Bull of the House of Commons, died in hospital yesterday at the age of 85.
He was a staunch opponent of Bill Clinton's 1996 so-called welfare reform law, and he virtually single-handedly stalled the pending bankruptcy legislation, which would impose onerous new burdens on the indigent.
Falconbridge and Placer Dome have been staunch supporters since Day 1, says Dasys, and have been frequent users of the lab.
He is a staunch advocate for increased staffing, and he knows that more nursing homes need help and resources than need punishment.