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Fifa president Sepp Blatter has staunchly defended Real Madrid's world-record bid for Cristiano Ronaldo, comparing it to purchasing a Picasso painting.
Though the National Cattlemen's Beef Association remain staunchly conservative, some individual ranchers have recently become more willing to work with greens, largely because of shared opposition to policies that favor extractive-industry interests over citizens.
By removing nonbinding language expressing the sense that the economy needs temporary immigrant workers, GOP leaders also secured the votes of several Southern California Republicans who staunchly oppose illegal immigration.
The Republican National Committee has been making a very public effort to reach out to African Americans, who have for decades voted staunchly Democratic.
Andres Uriel Gallego, Colombia's transportation minister, has staunchly defended the plan.
The move came ahead of an Orange march which is due to pass through the staunchly Catholic area en route to a mass rally in the city centre.
The passing of Andrea Dworkin--feminist polemicist, anti-porn crusader, and loony extraordinaire--drew strangely admiring obituaries from several feminists who vehemently disagreed with her in life, including the self-identified "feminist pornographer" Susie Bright and the staunchly anti-censorship Nation columnist Katha Pollitt.
But Japan has been staunchly resisting such deal-making since T.
Staunchly middle-of-the-road,but big on anti-poverty.
WHEN ASKED WHY the world would want another Cirque du Soleil show, Jacques Heim, choreographer and founder of Los Angeles-based Diavolo Dance Theater, staunchly replies: "Because the world needs to not be surrounded by bad television, bad movies, and bad news all the time.
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics staunchly disagrees, claiming the report is "extremely misleading," according to President Cathy Seeley.
The country is staunchly nanny-state and with sky-high taxation on anything remotely resembling a luxury product, cheap this country is not.