steadfast belief

See: faith
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Their team are top of the table and they carry with them, a steadfast belief that this early season form - one defeat from the first 11 matches - is no flash in the pan.
Such ideas include their steadfast belief that their table should include a variety of dishes.
This is the best tribute we can give to an extraordinary man who, with his steadfast belief in justice and equality, showed how one person can make a difference.
It is a match they approach with steadfast belief in the threat they pose to Didier Deschamps' men and skipper Gunnarsson only needs to look to the country he has lived in since 2011 for proof that a collective can better a group of supremely-talented individuals.
We have held the steadfast belief that -alongside deficit reduction - nurturing entrepreneurs, creating jobs, supporting hard-working families and keeping taxes low would get the UK economy back on track.
We would like to commend the producers of the entries for their steadfast belief in the Philippine motion picture industry," said Carlos.
On the other candidates, they added: "Never one to panic, his (McCarthy's) calmness under pressure and steadfast belief in his players allowed them to flourish in November and pick up 10 points from a maximum 12, which included threegoal wins at Rotherham and Charlton.
As we sally forth with the steadfast belief that a quarter-mile shot will be minimal (and the childlike faith that half-mile shots are practical under field conditions), I think all too many of us establish a sight-in that is too high at 100 yards and thus are zeroed at too great a range.
Instead of making "Cinderella'' dark and gritty or dystopian, which Branagh believes have become cliched, he and screenwriter Chris Weitz ("About a Boy'') imagined a world where she's guided by a steadfast belief in kindness.
We looked into his or her eyes and saw steadfast belief in us reflected back.
At the heart of Bohan's work was his steadfast belief that proper interpretation of satellite imagery would not only improve weather forecasting--which it did--but offer an understanding of how nature was doing what we were now able to observe.