steady demand

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We are seeing steady demand across the region going into the first quarter of the new year.
It found Bridgend is buoyant for roles in the engineering and technical sectors with steady demand in the town for NHS positions, such as clerical and admin roles, as well as hospital catering.
ING has seen steady demand from corporations and private equity firms in the Midwest, with a meaningful portion of AFG's US activity now stemming from this region,' said Povey.
In anticipation of this steady demand growth, we are continually expanding our Transco system to serve the fastest growing markets in the country in the Northeast and along the Eastern Seaboard.
We see a steady market, with steady demand as the population keeps growing.
2m in the wake of April's freeze on tariffs and steady demand.
As per Goreslavsky - The Mi-171Sh machine is in steady demand on the foreign market.
This shows that benchmark Middle East grades have been rising relative to Brent, which stands at odds with signs that the Asian market remains well-supplied amid what can best be described as steady demand.
Mark McNabb, chief operating officer for Volkswagen of America said, 'With a full range of fuel-efficient vehicles we anticipate steady demand as we enter the spring selling season.
New York City's residential sales market sustained its robust performance in the fourth quarter of 2013 on a year-over-year basis as Manhattan properties continued to see steady demand, while sales activity in the outer boroughs flourished amid a steadily improving economy and greater clarity on the movement of mortgage interest rates.
Dubai's industrial and logistics sectors witnessed a healthy growth in the first quarter (Q1) of the year, with a steady demand from new businesses entering the market and renewed confidence amongst existing players, a report said.
The change is a result of steady demand in Asia and capacity-reducing measures increasing margins for North American airlines.