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Just two years later, in 1976, players would steal more than 3,000 bases, a total last achieved in 1915.
Part of the decline in Pruitt's takeaways is because Floyd doesn't stress steals.
The businessperson signs in as a dayuse guest, and, during that time, someone steals a credit card from the person's wallet.
The author makes the point that one of the difficulties in preventing fraud is the problem of trying to predict who will steal from you.
Not only am I going to tell you that you shouldn't steal, but I'm also going to tell you what will happen if you do.
The mill owner informed the officer that he had stopped doing business with the suspect when the suspect had attempted to steal a log from the mill several months earlier.
While no one would argue against interviewing potential employees to determine job fit, research indicates that a carefully designed and administered "integrity test" is the most reliable and valid to determine who is likely to steal, abuse drugs or alcohol, or display hostile tendencies.
3 -- 4) The Angels' Chone Figgins, above, steals second base in the eighth inning on Tuesday as Chicago's Tadahito Iguchi can't make the tag.
No one wants to believe that an employee would steal from the institution or its residents.
I would help them buy a bouquet of flowers for their loved one, but please don't steal from mine,'' she said.