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Thrombus formation, steal phenomenon, edema, and surgical site infection were the complications encountered after the procedure in our study.
Stent coverage of the left subclavian origin in such procedures results in perfusion of the left subclavian artery by way of the subclavian steal phenomenon from a normally positioned left vertebral artery, as demonstrated in Fig.
Coronary-subclavian steal phenomenon late after coronary artery bypass grafting: An underappreciated cause of myocardial ischemia?
The exact mechanism involved for the symptoms are not known, but most authors believe this may be from a"coronary steal phenomenon," which represents shunting of blood through the low resistant fistula.
Trying to understand why there is a particular decreased luminal area in one arterial epicardial branch, we formulate a hypothesis of steal phenomenon (see schematic representation at right in Fig.
Collaterals may develop between the right and left coronary system resulting in reversal of left coronary artery flow on account of low pulmonary vascular resistance which is often referred as coronary steal phenomenon.