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HYDERABAD -- Crackdown against power theft and defaulters of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company continues in all 14 districts of the region and a total of 58 joint teams of HESCO and FIA are engaged in taking action against the power stealers and recovering outstanding dues from the defaulters.
The Red Sox' most successful base stealers since then, with a minimum of 60 steals:
The stranger, it emerges, is the Secret Stealer, a man who can see (and steal) secrets.
To crack open The Scene Stealer is more like watching a film than devouring a novel.
To give it the human touch the President's daughter is one of the raw recruits who have to learn the art of war at the double, while the scene stealer is a Special Forces lone gun, who causes covert havoc behind enemy lines.
So when he saw that boy, he thought that his way of walking was just like the walking of a hammer stealer.
In any case, the discovery of a doting Oviraptor parent further vindicates this dinosaur, whose name means "egg stealer.
With the rise of information stealer malware, it's more important than ever for companies in security conscious industries such as financial services, health care and government sectors to closely examine their current IT defense perimeter; determine if advanced malware is entering their networks unimpeded and prevent the theft of intellectual property.
For a high-street show stealer check out Wallis for a summer Paisley frill frock or how about a tropical print maxi dress, a bargain from Primark at just pounds 9.
He has a good chance of winning, as does Takahashi, installer of vast acreages of recycled junk and scene stealer par excellence.
27 First thought on a would-be stealer on the move: I'm gonna throw the guy out (not I hope I can nail him).
NASDAQ:ERTS) today announced the launch of Foto Face(TM): The Face Stealer Strikes, a new Nintendo DSiWare[TM] title that gives players the ability to put themselves into the game and sends them on a wild, adventurous quest to reclaim their own stolen identity.