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During these leisure times, those old notions about freedom would steal over me again.
There steals the old sad air of Ou -- Each calls his latest song to mind; Then white sails taper down the stream, While lingering thoughts still look behind.
You contemplate mentally your mischance, till little by little your mood changes, cold doubt steals into the very marrow of your bones, you see the inexplicable fact in another light.
He was engaged in making up deficiencies of kit preparatory to a campaign, and in that work he steals best who steals last.
As she spoke she loosed from her bosom the curiously embroidered girdle into which all her charms had been wrought--love, desire, and that sweet flattery which steals the judgement even of the most prudent.
Soon, however, the entire town was wrapped in slumber; a feeble light still glimmered in Madame's apartment, which looked out upon the square, and the soft rays from the expiring lamp seemed to be the image of the calm sleep of a young girl, hardly yet sensible of life's anxieties, and in whom the flame of existence sinks placidly as sleep steals over the body.
Cheveley, is that one never knows how wonderful the thing that one steals is.
I only suggest that if anyone steals the papers I should like some good strong, brave men to rob them back again.
Thus literature is etherealized by assuming for its medium the human voice; and knowledge, depositing all its heavier particles, except, doubtless, its gold becomes exhaled into a sound, which forthwith steals into the ever-open ear of the community.
Steals drowsily and musically Into the univeral valley.
It is not till "light thickens and the crow wings to the rocky wood" that she steals forth from her groves.
Her beauty was not of that elusive type which steals imperceptibly into the vision of the rare connoisseur.