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In 1949, only six years after stolen bases had exceeded home runs, there were only 730 total steals in major league baseball, while 1,704 home runs were hit.
Pruitt, who is seventh on USC's all-time career list in steals with 132, averaged 2.
While being on the lookout for stolen material is one issue, some scrap dealers also are confronted with more audacious thieves who may go so far as to scale fences to attempt to steal metal from the yards themselves.
The thieves split the profits in thirds: the person who steals the card, the one who makes the counterfeit ID, and the "signer," or the person who passes the card, each receive one-third of the profits.
Since nothing did, Julie concluded that she could steal with impunity.
MELTHAM: June 5 - Burglar damages wooden panels on side of garage and steals power tools.
3 -- 4) The Angels' Chone Figgins, above, steals second base in the eighth inning on Tuesday as Chicago's Tadahito Iguchi can't make the tag.
HONLEY: May 27 - Thief forces lock of Peugeot 107, enters and steals satnav.
3 steals a game to lead La Canada to the Rio Hondo League title.
KIRKBURTON: April 8 criminal gets in to Renault Megane by unknown means but takes nothing; April 11 vandals smash window of Richard Charles Hairdressers with a brick; April 12 burglar enters through unlocked front door, steals garage keys and scooter from garage, together with four pedal cycles.
For only the second time in club history, the Angels have six players in double figures in steals.
Mar 20 - Burglar smashed rear window, climbs in and steals jewellery.