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The feud between the families dated from that tempest in the provincial teapot, and the surplus of votes on the wrong side was the reason why, thirty years after, Ursula had to meet her lover by stealth if she met him at all.
Once more I started toward her, but better judgment held me back--I could do nothing to help her other than by stealth.
I admired virtue and good feelings and loved the gentle manners and amiable qualities of my cottagers, but I was shut out from intercourse with them, except through means which I obtained by stealth, when I was unseen and unknown, and which rather increased than satisfied the desire I had of becoming one among my fellows.
A little disconcerted by this reception, Hugh looked from the secretary to Dennis, who had risen and was standing at the table too, observing the stranger by stealth, and seeming to derive the utmost satisfaction from his manners and appearance.
Nor did the striking of the clocks, hour after hour, appear to inspire him with any sense of drowsiness or any natural desire to go to rest, but rather to increase his wakefulness, which he showed, at every such indication of the progress of the night, by a suppressed cackling in his throat, and a motion of his shoulders, like one who laughs heartily but the same time slyly and by stealth.
Unisys Stealth was selected for the award by Frost & Sullivan based on a number of criteria, including product reliability, price/performance value, customer experience, product design and market position.
Edmonton Transit System (ETS) added some stealth to its fleet.
The Islamic Republic unveiled what it claimed to be Iran's first stealth attack drone last Thursday--although from its appearance it did not appear to be very stealthy or to have much attack capability.
Stealth Cam answers the call by introducing TRIAD Technology.
Worldwide Computer Products News-10 August 2010-MXI adds 64GB device to Stealth range(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Deutsche Bank AutobahnA Equity Releases the Stealth Strategy Algorithm Deutsche Bank's AutobahnA Equity business, within its Global Markets division, announced today the global availability of an algorithm based on Deutsche Bank's proprietary "Stealth" strategy, which silently executes difficult orders in over 30 markets around the world.