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Such risk has nothing to do with an aircraft's stealthiness but everything to do with how fast we can deploy airpower into austere conditions, with limited manpower, to conduct combat operations shorn of a fixed, preplanned basing structure.
Concurrently, the figure of Cornelius weaves in and out and gives "an inexpressible effect of stealthiness, of dark and secret slinking.
The three planned variants of this fighter would be substantially better in terms of stealthiness, maneuverability, and avionics than the aircraft they are intended to replace.
The hapless-but-still-funded B-2 stealth bomber--at $2 billion a pop--apparently loses its stealthiness when it gets wet.
The chief alternative to the arsenal ship is the submarine with its proven design and stealthiness.
Stealthiness is the key to the action: the book's title, meaning "Please Do Not Disturb," has to do with Vainati's attempt to use his hotel room in Paris as a hideout.
7 billion spent over more than 10 years, we still have had no difinitive testing of a full-sized B-2 bomber for stealthiness or airworthiness.
Despite the complexities of advanced malware and the stealthiness of advanced persistent threats attacking the oil and gas industry, the remote command-and-control of compromised devices is heavily dependent on a clear-text protocol.
Priority has thus gone to stealthiness rather than speed, which is limited to 40 km/h.
59) The F-35's stealthiness against radar is designed to reduce its signature, primarily at the X band but not the L band or other VHF band radars.
Part of the stealthiness is achieved by the unique shape of the aircraft.
7) Furthermore, like Saint-Euxpery and his comrades, Longbottom and the members of his unit depended upon the speed of their planes and the stealthiness provided by high altitude flight to protect them against enemy defenses.