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Distinctly he heard behind him a stealthy tread, as of some wild animal, and dared not look over his shoulder.
The man, he is in my power," Da Souza says in a ponderous and stealthy whisper.
Caption: VERY STEALTHY--This is a plane Iran claims is stealthy.
It became a formidable answer to the stealthy Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit - the last US-made Cold War-era strategic bomber, military analyst Dave Majumdar wrote in his article for The National Interest.
Back in 2014, exiled Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad started an online community called My Stealthy Freedom, Today, the site boasts almost 900,000 likes.
been put in the games other than h freedom as cute your se candidate for As the bodyguard of an Empress, wrongly imprisoned for her murder, you'll use your deadly skills in all manner of brutal, stealthy ways in an attempt to clear your name.
Its immense firepower coupled with stealthy features makes it a real versatile platform which would not only prove vital for ensuring effective presence in our area of operations, but would bring a new dimension of operation of stealthy platform of this tonnage," said the Naval chief.
The F35 is not nearly as stealthy as the F22, it is slower, less manoeuvrable nor can it supercruise.
As early as 2005, the league looked to see just how much money MLBAM might be worth (see my article MLBAM: The Stealthy Money Machine (http://www.
Lockheed Martin Cost increases on stealthy F-35 affect Israel buy.
Cheeky Cardiff Blues centre Jamie Roberts, whose block-busting runs have been a feature of the Lions tour so far, demonstrated his stealthy side to sneak up and deliver an early bath to his team-mate by pushing him into the unheated water.
US CUSTOMS have captured a stealthy "semi-submerged smuggling vessel" packed with EUR352million of cocaine.