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Store Cattle: Steers to pounds 450; Heifers to pounds 500.
A skid steer could do one thing and immediately go on to do something else," says Dave Hardwick, JCB's product manager for wheel loaders.
You have to know yourself and what you're trying to do," say Dan Rafferty, product manager m charge of skid steers at JCB Inc.
Weaned Calves Breed Report: Hereford bulls to 340, av 227; Welsh Black steers to 442, av 442; Charolais steers to 830, av 830; Simmental steers to 755, av 701, heifers to 500, av 488; Limousin steers to 782, av 549, heifers to 645, av 528; Angus heifers to 200, av 200.
Opdahl owns a Case 465 skid steer and says hitting other objects on site is among his safety concerns.
They may take a little more oil, they may be a little harder to work on and the parts may weigh a little more, but there's really no difference in maintenance between skid steer sizes," says Blue.
Scott said he loves the adrenaline rush of hanging off the side of a running horse and jumping on a steer, but he is driven more by a desire to impress his father and to make him proud.
He says that even companies that process less material should consider moving up from a skid steer to a wheel loader.
But while those three attachments may be the most common, the skid steer is certainly not limited to them alone.
Demolition contractors use compact excavators and skid steers outfitted with a variety of attachments to perform "infrastructure" demolition, or the removal of plumbing and heating and electrical systems within a building.
Cowboys and cowgirls test their riding, wrestling and roping skills with bucking broncos, snorting steers, and fleet-footed calves.
Nearly every recycling company uses skid steers and/or forklifts in some aspects of its operation.