steer clear of

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People at risk of heart attacks should steer clear of traffic, a new study suggests.
One of the things that makes this newsletter unique," says McConnell, "is its ability to steer clear of using testimonials and promoting bank products.
But teachers have been known to steer clear of the beautiful state.
Now that Robinson is graduating, which card is best to help her steer clear of debt?
And steer clear of chlorine bleach, yellow soap, cleaning fluids and solvents.
1) A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services interviewed by The New York Times denied that grant applications are screened for politically controversial topics, but an official at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) said that NIH project officers advise researchers to steer clear of using "sensitive language.
trade representatives should steer clear of any tendency to micromanage other countries' telecom regulatory regimes-even if they have asked us for advice, We have made some grave mistakes.
steer clear of any crack or bump near, Powersliding down hills the sound of screeching wheels is all you hear.
Peter Rabbit's mother tells him to steer clear of Mr.
Easily aroused men and boys had best steer clear of Mississippi--at least if State Sen.
After centuries of being hunted, tigers have also learned to steer clear of human beings as a source of food.