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Practical Session: Non- Steerable Auger Boring with Permalok Casing--Hands On Experience.
According to the company, the patented steerable microcatheter has unique and distinguishing features designed to facilitate super selective vessel access.
The SureTrak steerable drilling liner service allows operators to reach reservoirs that are unreachable with conventional drilling technology.
5 F steerable sheath is cleared to gain access to the heart, facilitating placement of catheters for use in a variety of procedures including treatment of atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia.
The Volvo 9400PX can easily navigate tight road conditions thanks to the steerable tag-axle.
The Food and Drug Administration 510(k) marketing clearance is for Enpath's steerable sheath as a stand-alone device for a number of procedural indications including interventional coronary, peripheral vascular and carotid artery access.
The steerable stylet delivery system incorporates an innovative technology that can be adapted for device delivery throughout the body.
Because of the technical and cost limitations outlined here for existing steerable antennas, there is currently no acceptable steerable antenna solution for commercial applications where high reliability and relatively fast scan are required, and where low cost is paramount.
The SD80 widetrack axle is a pinmounted, steerable drive axle with 26,500 lb.
HAARP, slated for final completion in 2002, sends out a focused and steerable electromagnetic (EM) beam that can superheat and actually lift sections of the ionosphere - the electrically charged upper layer of our atmosphere lying 40 to 500 miles above the Earth's surface.
Moreover, its fully steerable dish will be specifically shaped to direct radio waves to the side, where a suspended receiver collects the signals without obstructing the dish.