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BikeE claims damages of $566,033 for the steerer tube and seat defects.
According to Steerer, this proposal cannot be supported on independent morphological, syntactic, or semantic grounds.
Steerer, use a short, one-metre tether and have it fully extended to a strong point just forward of the helm.
Tenders are invited for 2 Inch Clear Aperture Risley Prism Beam Steerer With Controller
It accused Manager John Reed, "a polished bunco steerer,'' of paying the team from Rochester to throw a game in order to help the gate.
I peddled grass, I was a steerer, I was a criminal, I snorted cocaine.
She has won numerous offshore races, and is always in demand as a steerer.
Most noticeable, is the new way of improving space usage in the cockpit with the new smaller movable composite steering wheel, which can favour the steerer on either tack.