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The Pennsylvania OTTF will continue to represent the state's involvement in the partnership and will be actively engaged on the steering committee.
The Center will facilitate functions common to all the Clinical Proteomics Programs, coordinate meetings of the awardees, the Inter-Program Steering Committee and the External Advisory Panel, and manage a Clinical Proteomics Program intranet website.
The initial Logistics Steering Committee (LSC) member organizations are shown in Figure 1 below.
The XFRML steering committee expects to announce the project's formal name in the near future.
The steering committee developed the mission statement, appointed initial team members and assigned a facilitator.
In New Orleans, at an open forum on gay and lesbian issues, AIMLGC Steering Committee Cochair Cynthia Rothschild commented:
The work of the Task Force has been accomplished by a Steering Committee and a limited number of work groups focusing on specific areas.
First, several members of senior management of the three divisions came on board as part of the steering committee, which also included managers in the risk management, safety and Employee Health Services area.
The steering committee, comprising physicians and hospital administrators, felt that the hiring of an outside consulting firm to lead the process, gather the data, and make a recommendation as to the best model for this group to consider was the optimal method to accomplish their task.
For example, in 1985, five law enforcement associations(1) united to form the Law Enforcement Steering Committee Against S-49 to oppose firearms legislation then pending in the U.
On the recommendation of human resources and communication staff, senior management created an employee communication steering committee to develop an action plan.
The appointed steering committee is looking for candidates who have strong medical education credentials, are highly regarded and have impacted medical education in the state of Texas.