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When Campden BRI decided it could no longer provide software support for the product, Calibre turned to Stemmer Imaging not only to take over support for the code but to carry out a complete review of the machine vision configuration used.
13) Esta es la via escogida por Stemmer (2000: 12-13).
We create Urdu Stemmer by identifying morphological rules for Urdu language.
A well designed lexicon will identify the lemma to which any lexical item belongs, and thus do the job of a stemmer as a matter of course.
Stemmer recoge en alguna medida esta tesis, al decir que el deber esta siempre vinculado a un querer: en el caso de una etica teonomica a la voluntad de Dios y en el caso de la etica contractualista que Stemmer defiende (cf.
Tatzber M, Stemmer M, Spiegel H, Katzlberger C, Haberhauer G, Mentler A, Gerzabek MH (2007) Development and application of advanced FTIR characterization methods for extracted and residual humic substances.
Sub-postmaster Peter Stemmer, 56, Darlington: "I am at the opposite end of the pole.
The Houston Public Library announced the appointment of Regina Stemmer as its new chief of neighborhood libraries.
To make such adjustable color sources, he and Andreas Stemmer, both of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, have invented a novel diffraction grating--a rippled surface that separates white light into component colors, each of which travels away from the grating at a slightly different angle.
PKWARE worked in partnership with its German reseller, net Stemmer GmbH, to execute a phased rollout of SecureZIP at Lufthansa Systems.
For appointments with Phil Stemmer at the Fresh Breath Centre, which boasts a 95% cure rate for halitosis, call 020 7935 1666 or see www.