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But now the whole lock started yelling, and a stentorian voice from the back shouted:
But before he had finished reading, a stentorian major-domo announced that dinner was ready
There seemed no one to dispute his claims when he said, or rather shouted, in stentorian tones: "I am Tsa.
Harold gazed at him in surprise, while the old seaman waved his arm above his head and bellowed out three stentorian cheers.
His face blazed with wrath, and he shouted in stentorian tones that echoed down the universe, "I shall deduct the cost of those cuffs from your wages
Jemmy recognised the stentorian voice of one of his brothers at a prodigious distance.
She was a pleasant-looking woman of about forty, with a deep voice, almost manly in its stentorian tones, and had a large sensible square body, with feet to match--these last encased in good thick boots.
Shouting in his fresh, stentorian voice, "Jump, boys, and bear a hand
Paul paid little or no attention to this reply, more than half of which was lost in the distance, but pursuing the humour of the moment, he called out in a stentorian voice to the naturalist to answer to his name.
After a lull of a few moments, one man cried out, 'Stone him;' another, 'Duck him;' another, in a stentorian voice, 'No Popery
In another second or two, the nightcap was thrust out of the chaise-window, and a stentorian voice bellowed to the driver to stop: which he did, as soon as he could pull up his horses.
Among those who were ever and again left behind, staring after the equipage, were many youthful spirits, who hailed it in stentorian tones with such congratulations as 'Nod-dy Bof-fin