step down

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That's a marked difference, because the President has said he wants to step down earlier if possible and will not stay one minute longer beyond 2022.
Before Sattar, party chiefs of PTI, PPP and JI have also called on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down after the incriminating JIT report was submitted to the Supreme Court on Monday.
Blair wrote toUnited NationsSecretary-GeneralBan Ki-moonon Wednesday that he would step down from the role he has held since 2007.
Mohamed Abdelfattah has also been asked to step down as chairman of the organising committee for the UK Continence Society conference to be held in March.
Therefore once reaching the top, to step down equals death.
Earlier this month she was grilled by MPs on the Commons Home Affairs committee who called for her to step down from her post.
Control Transformer Copper Wound Step Down Type With Provision For Fixing On Panel Primary 220 Volts Secondary Voltage Tappings110 Volts And 28 Volts 150 Va 50 Hz
Cattaraugus County bank president and chief executive, Salvatore Marranca, has decided to step down after three decades at the bank's helm.
The preacher of Fri-prayers said on behalf the Sadrist movement "We call on al-Maliki to step down also call (Shiite alliance) exclusively to select another personality to substitute him," he said .
Although he has decided to step down I hope his knowledge of sport, both as an Olympian and former sports minister, is not lost on our collective endeavours to capitalise on the extraordinary performances of our athletes in the London Games.
Simon Burke is leaving his position as non-executive chairman and director, and another non-executive director Michael Balfour has also decided to step down from the group, which went through a major boardroom battle last year.
The Unites States has been insisting that it is high time for the Libyan dictator to step down, but his repetitive denial to do so is leading NATO to continue with the airstrikes to silence his bloodthirsty troops.