step down

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The post Blair to step down as Middle East envoy -diplomatic sources appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
Mr Abdel–fattah has been asked to step down temporar– temporar ily as chair of the local organising committee for the conference due to work pressures and Professor James N'Dow has agreed to take on this role.
step down when told to step down when in coming down Abel's life is
Council leader Roger Stone was the only person to step down immediately.
Control Transformer Copper Wound Step Down Type With Provision For Fixing On Panel Primary :415 Volts Secondary Voltage Tappings :220 Volts And 110 Volts 100 Va 50 Hz
The preacher of Fri-prayers said on behalf the Sadrist movement "We call on al-Maliki to step down also call (Shiite alliance) exclusively to select another personality to substitute him," he said .
Although he has decided to step down I hope his knowledge of sport, both as an Olympian and former sports minister, is not lost on our collective endeavours to capitalise on the extraordinary performances of our athletes in the London Games.
After announcing his decision to step down, Saleh spoke defiantly, accusing his opponents of dragging the country into a civil war.
Tens of thousands of protesters chanted "the people have brought down the regime," as Suleiman announced the president's step down.
Liam spoke passionately to them, told them why he wanted to step down and that he was available to any of them, at any time, if he could help them.
He stated that the Obama administration has not asked him to step down but he has made a decision on his own accord.
Summary: A Palestinian official said the prime minister appointed by President Mahmoud Abbas will remain in office despite an earlier announcement that he would step down.