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He has stepped down after discussions this morning," a club official told Reuters.
Cheri Fleming has stepped down after two years of chairing the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Health Foundation board.
Saul Steinberg stepped down two years ago as CEO amid mounting losses at Reliance.
Heading the list in this category is the payout to CEO Frank Newman, who stepped down with a $55 million package after Bankers Trust was taken over by Deutsche Bank.
Ruijter succeeds Rob van den Bergh, who, as expected, stepped down from his position as CEO and a member of the Executive Board at the conclusion of the meeting.
While Group 1 has stepped down, the credit risk of the upgraded bonds of Group 2 has been further mitigated by performance trigger failure, freezing the overcollateralization (OC) in dollar terms and allowing the OC as a percentage of the current pool balance to continue to build for all bonds.
Hasan said last year that he eventually would step down as chairman after he stepped down as chief executive.
Rosoff has stepped down as senior vice president and general counsel of MMC.
Though the council began the search shortly after Brimhall stepped down, the process was put on hold when City Councilwoman Elois Zeanah announced she would not seek re-election in November.
I think John stepped down and gave up his duties as head coach.
OTCBB:PFSD) announced that effective today, Stanley Paulus, who has served as Pacific Sands' CEO since its inception and president since 2000, has stepped down in order to pursue other business opportunities.