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BEIRUT: Michel Gabriel Murr has stepped down from his position in the Zaarour Group, a source close to Murr told The Daily Star.
As the pressure mounted, council chief executive Martin Kimber also stepped down followed by the South Yorkshire police commissioner Shaun Wright.
The SEC's enforcement chief, Robert Khuzami, stepped down earlier this month, as did Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and U.
At the same trine, Hans Wijers stepped down from his position as CEO and as a member of the board.
THE chairman of pub group Mitchells & Butlers has stepped down after just a few months in the post.
Depending on your relationship with the new director, you may be able to pull her or him aside and mention the concern; if you choose this course, then treat the situation delicately, especially during the first semester or so after you stepped down.
Salam Fayyad had stepped down to pave the way for unity talks and set March 31 as his last day.
According to a notice that was published in the website of the bank, Fahour has stepped down from the principal board and group executive committee of the bank.
Johnson, who joined Douglass Bank in December 2002 and stepped down in January, maintains that he left to pursue other interests.
University spokeswoman Lynn Bretz said Mirecki stepped down on the recommendation of faculty members.
President Ronald Reagan nominated Rehnquist as chief justice when Warren Burger stepped down in 1986.