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The duelists sat down; a student official stepped forward, examined the wounded head and touched the place with a sponge once or twice; the surgeon came and turned back the hair from the wound-- and revealed a crimson gash two or three inches long, and proceeded to bind an oval piece of leather and a bunch of lint over it; the tally-keeper stepped up and tallied one for the opposition in his book.
The captain was now in the saddle, and about to start, when the affectionate old patriarch stepped forward, for the third time, and, while he laid one hand gently on the mane of the horse, held up the rifle in the other.
Tom stepped forward and started to protest, but Professor Bumper interposed.
Each in her turn stepped forward to the edge of the platform, cleared her throat, held up her manuscript
Then a big, puffed-up man, of a delicate brown color, stepped forward and said:
The Brabanter stepped forward with a smile of conscious triumph, and loosed the cord of his weapon.
Prince Andrew stepped forward from among the suite and said in French: