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Two of the men stepped forward, and as they advanced, the girl, for the first time realising her impending fate, screamed aloud and turned to fly.
The two champions being alike armed with quarter-staves, stepped forward into the centre of the open space, in order to have the full benefit of the moonlight; the thieves in the meantime laughing, and crying to their comrade, ``Miller
The gigantic chief now stepped forward, assumed a swelling air, and, slapping himself upon the breast, gave Mr.
Matai Shang stepped forward and laid his hand upon my shoulder.
The girl's guards had stepped forward with the others to join in the discussion that followed the dying statement of the murdered warrior, leaving her upon the outer fringe of the crowd.
Another man stepped forward in almost a sprightly way and glanced insolently up.
An owner had not yet stepped forward as of Friday morning.
Throughout our history, when our country needed us, Americans have stepped forward, standing up to every challenge.
This welcome change results from the courageous actions of the plaintiffs who, beginning five years ago, stepped forward to challenge prevalent discrimination at Abercrombie & Fitch.
They really stepped forward and I think they did a good job rallying the team.