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Step by step she went up, dragging herself by the railing.
Do not give yourself the trouble, my lord," said D'Artagnan, with his right foot forward, his beaver in his hand, a smile on his face, "we have followed your eminence step by step and here we are.
By a quick side step, Tarzan eluded the first swinging clutch of the lion's paws.
Well, well, if it was fastened the steps could have nothing to do with the matter.
With great activity, considering his bulk, he sprang up the steps and squeezed through into the garret, and immediately afterwards we heard his exulting voice proclaiming that he had found the trap-door.
Taking a new step, uttering a new word is what they fear most.
Before she went to bed she had pondered, analyzed, turned on all sides, examined on all points, the words, the steps, the gestures, the signs, and even the silence of her interlocutors; and of this profound, skillful, and anxious study the result was that Felton, everything considered, appeared the more vulnerable of her two persecutors.
You are right," said Felton, after having looked at Milady from the spot on which he stood without moving a step toward her.
Then, doctor," said Silver, "you just step outside o' that stockade, and once you're there I'll bring the boy down on the inside, and I reckon you can yarn through the spars.
And I step aside--see here--and leave you and Jim alone.
We will not pretend to accompany the travellers step by step in this tremendous mountain scramble, into which they had unconsciously betrayed themselves.
And, now" says he, "mind I have my blunderbush, and if ye take a step nearer ye're as good as deid.