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Since entrance to the site was from the upper south side, the architect could allow the house to fan out north towards the sun and views, It steps down and across the rough terrain over five levels.
John Cahill, 43, was named CEO-designate to replace Craig Weatherup when the 55-year-old chief executive steps down from his post at Somers, NY-based Pepsi Bottling Group.
The backside WB steps down hard and helps on the DE, but is responsible for #4.
2002 - Steps down as Global CEO; assumes non-executive role of Vice Chairman
The height of the banking hall gradually steps down from three to one storeys, marking the transition from imposing public space to more private hermetic domains.
HAARLEM, Netherlands -- New Supervisory Board Members Appointed as Aad Jacobs Steps Down as Chairman; Rob Ruijter Named Interim CEO, Succeeding Rob Van Den Bergh